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Router http://www. wireless settings IP address

Best broadband router is a nice wireless networking tool that allows us to use internet wireless. Using log in detail, you can get connected with router and can use internet from anywhere. Most of the top router manufacturing companies add default private ip address which works your own address. You can change that ip address easily. IP address is provided by Linksys broadband router and some other manufacturing companies use the same ip address. Using the ip address, you can easily connect wireless network devices together with routers. IP address helps to connect other devices with it. And putting the Ip address on the browser, you can access administrator console to configure that .You can change username and password along with default ip address from the admin control panel. From control panel change your default setting like username, password and ip address to ensure your wireless networking security. Otherwise any can take access your wireless network using default log in detail. If you cannot access in your router it may be for few reasons. It may happen that you are using second hand products which user name and password are different than default another reason can be that someone changed your username and password. Last one can be, you have forgotten your log in detail. No problem if you cannot access the control panel of your router, visit the manufacturing company’s website or use their manual where everything is written well and clearly that how to reset the router settings. Check the device, you will find their any push button which works as reset button. If you have more problems related with router then you can contact with them using their website. There are some company give 24/7 hour’s services for its users. Before buying any products ensure about its services. There are many ways to know about them. You can read customer review about "how to setup a wireless network", product description etc.

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